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A Graduation degree in Engineering does not mean you have to be an Engineer you can always look out for a job outside the engineering field that satisfies your desires and make you feel happy. Now the time has changed, Gone are those days when we followed a pattern of Education and a Job relevant to the degree.

Engineering is no more the most happening job profiles and IT is not everyone's cup of tea. Many Engineers now look for the most unconventional job profiles. 

There are a number of career options, that we can embrace:

1.Blogger: You can start the blog of your own and add relevant content to it. you can drive traffic towards your blog. Blogs are the Informational website displaying information. Blogging is a kind of business. Blogging is a way to communicate with the audience and spread the message. In blogging the blogger targets the audience on their interest.  

You can also earn money from blogs by publishing an advertisement in the blogs by monetizing through Google AdSense, Media.net and millions of other advertisers.  You can be an online publisher also.

2.Business: Doing business after engineering being more generic, is a very good career option if you put the knowledge and skills of your graduation into it. To start a business you need a mindset, future planning for the business. You should have a proper business plan. Focus on the customers and fully understand the market this will help you boost your business. Start from small then grow big, don't be in a hassle to get successful with a new business. Understand your skills, strengths, time availability.

3. Marketing and Sales: A Marketing and Sales career involves many things. There is always a career in marketing and sales all you need is to target the right customers to sell your products. These are the rewarding careers for you if you are good at it. If you join as a sales executive in any company you get salary as well as incentives as a bonus as a reward for your work.

4.Content Developer: Content writers are always in demands as companies hire content writers to promote their business.  Content writing is a form of online writing which can be linked to digital marketing. The content developer does research. They write original contents (writing) and gathering information, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites. Content developers can also be called web developers, with their knowledge and skill in programming and software they can create and update the website.

5.Beautician: The beautician is the person who should have a passion for health and beauty issue, looks and trends. The most essential skill that a beautician is a confidence while meeting new people and should have a welcoming personality making the customer relax. This requires constant learning about new skills, techniques, and products. The demand for the beautician is constantly increasing. Beauticians should have the ability to perform personalized service to the customers according to their individual needs.

6.Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is a form of traditional marketing Its the advanced way of presenting the product to the market. There will always be a job for digital marketing as every company after a phase of time hires digital marketing to launch their product to the market. The digital economy is embedded in every aspect of our life. It has plenty of room for techs, creatives and business people. It's good if you focus on one to two things that you are best at. Digital marketing is evolving with time and you get an opportunity to work with different people daily. All sort of people can work in this field.

Certain skills that digital marketing professionals require: video/audio production, mobile marketing, social media, E-commerce, Interactive technology such as AI, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Email marketing, Marketing automation, content management, and curation, web development, analyst, copywriting and editing, business/marketing strategy.

 7.Modeling: To start modeling as a career you need to educate yourself about the industry. You have to prepare yourself for a difficult road and don't be shy. Be healthy inside, maintain your appearance. For modeling, you don't require any specific degree or credentials but obtaining a degree can help you become a fashion model. You should have the capability to deal with criticism and rejection. Good grooming and the ability to take care of your appearance. A pleasant professional attitude with good speaking skills.

8. Civil services: Does not matter which degree you have either its arts, engineering or medical the procedure for becoming an IAS officer is just the same for all. You have to crack the civil service exam to become an IAS officer. Prelims exam is an objective exam you have to qualify it to appear in the mains written paper. All you need is that you should be passionate about what you what to do in the future. Civil Service is one of the most reputed jobs that everyone wants to do.

9. Teaching: Teaching is all about ideas, knowledge and caring. Anyone can become a teacher all they need is a bachelor's degree. The teachers are the nation builder and teaching is considered as the Nobel profession. The job of the teacher is not easy as it requires patience, skill, knowledge, good communication skills, interactive, active, caring and many more. The teaching is the profession that gives us money as well as respect.

10. Hotel management: Hotel Management is a good career option it has many jobs opportunities available. This has a high demand at the current situation. This is the service industry that provides the service to the clients. The different department that hotel management has are-Hotel managers, Assistant managers, front office manager, catering department, Executive chef's, Housekeeping department, Accounts department, Marketing department, Engineering department.