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Importance of Career Counselling:

Students often find themselves in crossroads after the completion of their board exam, this immense confusion within different Career options and lack of complete knowledge about several Career aspects lead them to land into Career domains where they are least interested and at many times, the reality of that work profile hits them hard. At the same time, students also seek guidance from friends, family, parents or teachers to receive idea and information about the career streams they should go for, but parents and teachers many a time lacks in providing in-depth or sufficient knowledge because of limited knowledge about the most promising and new-age Career options. This is the most crucial time in the life of a student and having a consultation with an experienced and qualified career counsellor at this time who has a detailed and holistic approach towards new career options and career prospects is the most beneficial to have.


Reasons to Why seek career Counselling?

1. Have a clear vision:

"We often fail to find a solution, because we fail to find the real problem." Similarly, students often fail to find one career interest because of the lack of clear vision, idea, and information." Having a consultation with a Career expert can help the students figure out how they want to shape their career life, what are their fields of interest and based on their interests, with the help of a career counsellor they can pursue the career domain they are interested in.

When the path becomes clear, it becomes easy to focus on the target, that is the importance of seeking guidance from someone who knows it all.


2. Dealing with parents:

Many a time, even having a clear vision doesn't help with pursuing it because dealing with parents and making them believe for the decision taken becomes a tough deal to tackle. This conflict and disapproval within parent-child can also be seen because parents believe they know the best for their child and impose their decisions of selecting a particular career field for them, as a result, the child feels caged and suffocated and had to kill their own aspirations.  Although this has to be kept in mind that both the parties want the best and the final decision taken should be a blend of both the parent-child aspirations. At this point,a career counsellor who has the in-depth knowledge can advise the best after listening to both the sides and suggest the career fields, best for the child's future, and career.


3. Job Satisfaction:

"When you work for something you put your heart into, it's not only work, rather much more than that. A major part of the corporate people are not doing what they are interested in, basically, they are not satisfied with the work profile and the career they are into. Your career determines your life and doing something which doesn't satisfy you and makes you happy is not worth to pursue. But a major section fails to recognize what brings satisfaction to them and what are their interests that they can transform for earning bread and butter. This also happens because of lack of proper planning and guidance at the early stage and thus seeking career guidance earlier from a career counsellor can provides satisfaction 


Majority of people find themselves in the wrong profession where they are least interested, later in their life. Finding themselves devoting more than nine hours a day into something they don't have any passion or interest and without any meaning. Planning career with a counselor early or at the beginning of your career life, can help you grow exponentially. 


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