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When curiosity is sparked...deep cycles of learning can occur. 

A learning cycle is a concept of how people learn from experience. A learning cycle will have a number of stages or phases. The learning cycle is a sequential process for both learning and instruction. It places focus on a series of steps that encourage a more thorough understanding and a deeper application of content. It also pushes students toward inquiry and discovery in their learning. Learning cycle gives teachers a process for instruction while giving students a formula for learning.

Peter Honey and Alan Mumford developed Kolb and Fry's ideas into slightly different learning cycle. The stages are:

  1. Doing something, having an experience
  2. Reflecting on the experience
  3. Concluding from the experience, developing a theory
  4. Planning the next steps, to apply or test the theory

While the cycle can be entered at any of the four stages, a cycle must be completed to give learning that will change behavior. The cycle can be performed multiple times to build up layers of learning.


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