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The results of the board exams have been declared long before, and by the time you are reading this, many of the students have already decided the colleges for their further studies, meanwhile, a large part of the students are going to take a drop year after the board exams and we are going to discuss about the same group of students.

We know that taking this dreading year gap has not been easy for you, that too when your friends have already moved out for getting into colleges, studying the same topics again and again with much more pressure on your shoulders, but now that you have decided to conquer, there's no looking back to it and here we will discuss five most essential tips for you to have in mind to get the best out of you in this one drop year for your career life.

1. No pressure of board exams or school exams anymore:

This is something that most of the students fail to acknowledge, once you have completed your board exams, and planning to take a drop year to focus on your competitive exams, there is a benefit for you since you have completed your schooling and your board exams are over, you can easily focus on your competitive exams without the unnecessary burden of sitting for regular school exams, or preparing for board exams, you can clearly and completely focus on your competitive exams and plan your schedule accordingly.

2. Refresh yourself by indulging or learning extracurricular activities:

Indulging in some extracurricular activities is always the best option when you want to keep your mind fresh and ready to grasp new information. This is something which shouldn't be ignored, while a lot of students take the burden by completely indulging into studies when they need to give a break to their brain so that it can retain the information and process it properly without being tired and drain out. 

This is a major reason for students who suffer from depression and anxiety in their drop years, some of the activities that you can indulge yourself into:

  • Learning guitar or any musical instrument.
  • Engaging or practicing some new sports.
  • Practicing meditation is amongst the most helpful and fruitful activity.

3. Expand your networking:

Wasting time in Facebook or any other application by randomly chatting with different people and expanding your networking by connecting with influential people who can help and suggest for your bright career life and will be helpful in your career life afterward has a great difference and students need to understand the thin line between these two. This can be the best time to plan your career life and decide what you want and focus on it.

4. Form a community of like-minded people, especially who have been"in your shoes":

Social media can be a great help, it can bring you opportunities to boost up your preparation and skill set, until and unless you use it for some unproductivity and time pass.

Find people who are droppers like you, form a community where everybody can learn, help and inspire each other, study and teach  each other, this will sharpen your preparation and will make studying more refreshing and exciting, where you can feel, you are not alone into this and many other people are thriving similarly to attain the best, at the same time you have to understand, that you may feel inferior at times, you may feel you are lacking behind, and 

5.  Don't lose hope:

This is indeed the most important point, something that you should keep in your mind whole through the time, confidence is the key to achieve anything, seeing your friends settle down at different institutions, can make you feel as if you are running behind or running slow, you may feel like giving up, but don't lose hope, don't let the fire within you settle down, if you decided this for the best, you can not settle without achieving it.

All the above-mentioned points have their pros and cons respectively, indulging into something for your refreshment shouldn't dominate your will to study, studying has to be the primary objective, at the same time, forming a community of like-minded people does not mean that you will refresh your friendship days, all these are only with the motive of helping you to make your studying enriching, and fruitful. You may feel you are lacking behind, inferior or that your mind has drenched up, but look back upon the time as to why you started, your motive to achieve more and not to settle for less. When so many people did it, you can do it aswell.


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