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Have you just completed your class 10th or 12th and are clueless of what to do next?Are you working at a place that neither gives you career satisfaction nor monetary? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s a clear sign that you are in need of career counselling.

Career counselling is one of the most effective processes to indulge in order to steer your career in the right direction. The best platform for online career counselling offers a multitude of options when it comes to the best career counselling site its careerpotli

Signs  that shows that you need a counsellors :

1.When you are clueless about what to do in life: The counsellors are people with varied and rich experience; they consider your personality and interests and subsequently help you to find answers to your questions in the light of those considerations.Most of us are confused or utterly clueless about what career we want to opt for. It appears like a maze offering you several confusing directions while you have to select the best one. In situations like these, one usually turns to friends and family for guidance, but the same is never sufficient or entirely accurate. For proper and complete guidance, career counselling online or offline comes into play.

2.When you are looking for a career option after  graduation:Here’s the thing.  It is not really about getting your foot in the door. The job market is filled with people competing for the same job with no idea why, other than they need work now or they are being pressured to get out there and find something – and fast. How many years have you spent training (in college) so that you can now grovel to find anything and you really have no clue what you REALLY want in a career or what career happiness even looks like? Time for some help.

3.When you feel that you have made a wrong career decision:We firmly believe if you possess a deep interested in something, it’s no way you wouldn’t do good. Hence, if you aren’t doing that well maybe it is because it wasn’t the right choice. This situation calls for career counselling. Counsellors let you deliberate over multiple career options after graduation, which is how you comprehend whether the job you took was a correct call or not. At this point, career counselling will also aid you in coming out of all that pessimism and will help you think straight.

4.When you have just completed your 10th and looking for a stream option: class 10th is  where  the student finally gets  the steering wheel of his life.For most of the students, this phase appears like a complex maze with lots of doors leading to different directions, and it becomes difficult to find the door that leads towards the student's dream career.After 10th, you have the option of sticking to the same education board or going for a different board. This decision should be taken after understanding the difficulty level of every board. For example, if you have studied in the state board till your 10th, you should be ready to face the difficulty if you want to shift to boards like CBSE or IGCSE. This is the time where you need a career counsellor.

5.After 12th what options do you have  for college or job:Completing graduation splits two alternatives in front of you. You can either dive into the job market or prep for higher education. Both the options include a lot of risk and dangers. Therefore, professional advice and career guidance become a must-do in this situation.

6.You are talented but out of focus: There are often times when we keep doing things not because we like doing them but because it’s probably the right thing to do, the in-trend thing to do. That’s when we enter the herd. And you know what they say about the herd? That it kills creativity and makes you mediocre.This one’s a bitter truth to gulp down. Despite being talented and hard-working, you somehow keep falling short. You fail to get recognition for your efforts and appreciation for your talent. Been there? You’ve been selling yourself short. It’s not enough to just be talented and hard-working; you need to believe in your worth so strongly that the world starts believing in it too.You’re always the brain, never the name. You’re the one who does all the hard work, stays up till late every other day fighting deadlines, and yet, you never get due recognition or credit for your talent.

For a student who has just come out of school or is in school and is stressing on which course to take or which college to aim for, some help can come in handy. In a world full of neck-to-neck competitions, it is always a good idea to remain absolutely informed and hence, sure about your choices. There are so many new career options that have come up which we might not be aware of and to break the conventions of the society we need a lot of convincing evidences. Career counselling is a series of sessions where a student is told about the various options he has in his field according to his inclinations and interests which we would otherwise not have given any importance to.

Career counselling can be of great help to students who are confused about which stream to choose for their secondary education. Counselling can help break the stigma that is attached to various subjects since the counsellors give convincing reasons and examples to choose a particular subject. It can be a wonderful rescue plan for parents to approach a career counsellor if they are perplexed and worried about their child’s future and about the greatest decisions regarding their lives which is their children’s career path.

Career counsellor explains parents and students about the various prospects they have with their set of subjects and skills with a very precise career path so that the child remains absolutely stress-free about his/her future.

At CareerPotli, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced counsellors and child psychologists who help students gain a better understanding of what lies in their future in terms of their career. Using various personality and aptitude tests which are highly scientific in nature, our psychologists read the child intricately so that the advice's given to them have a very high accuracy rate. We have a thoughtfully made test named Psychometric Test which helps our psychologists gain a better understanding of the child and then draw out a perfect plan according to his/her personality and inclinations. Another very successful test that we undertake is Bio-metrics Test which has an even greater accuracy rate as it uses the child’s fingerprints to understand which career paths are best for him/her.

Therefore, in order for the student to have a stress-free future, one needs to understand which career shall be the best according to his/her personality and interests. Career counselling helps the students in gaining a broader perspective of what they want in their careers.